What is Medicaid and am I eligible?

Many clients come to us with questions concerning Medicaid. So what is Medicaid? Medicaid, or MassHealth in Massachusetts, is a state and federally funded program that provides health coverage for individuals with low income and assets. MassHealth also assists with the cost of long-term care in a nursing facility and will provide the following services at home:  personal care attendant, adult day care, home health services, etc.

MassHealth Eligibility Requirements (for applicants over age 65)

MassHealth has different qualifications for eligibility depending on whether the applicant is seeking benefits at home or in a long-term care facility.

To qualify for MassHealth coverage at home (community MassHealth), as a single applicant, there is an income threshold of $981 per month and an asset limit of $2,000. For a couple, where only one spouse requires MassHealth benefits, there is an income threshold of $1,328 per month, and an asset limit of $3,000. Additional income and assets may be retained if an applicant requires additional medical assistance.

To qualify for MassHealth coverage in a long-term care facility, as a single applicant, the asset limit is $2,000; however, for a couple where only one spouse requires MassHealth, the spouse in the community can keep assets totaling $119,220. There is no income limit. The applicant’s income is paid to the facility each month with a few allowable deductions.

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